How To Get A Youtube Short To Go Viral

Since the launch of YouTube shorts in 2022, viral shorts have continued to gain momentum. Many content creators on Youtube now use shorts to gain audience and subscribers. However, it has its hitch too just like faceless YouTube channels. Many YouTubers still complain about not getting enough views on shorts.

Nevertheless, YouTube shorts are easier to garner views than long YouTube videos. The reason is not far-fetched, once videos become too long, people may get bored and as such, many prefer going for shorter videos which I believe is one of the few reasons why Youtube shorts were launched.

How To Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral

Creating viral shorts is the dream of every YouTuber creating shorts out there. While you want your work to get tons of attention that you feel you deserve for the good work. Here are the 3 tips you need:

Good Content

You don't just pick up your phone or camera and start recording; there's a need for you to be creative. Think and develop YouTube video ideas that will stop them from swiping away. The first 3 seconds of the video are very important, ensure you keep them hooked, and change scenes every 3 seconds to make it more captivating. If you can captivate them in the first 3 seconds, there’s a huge probability they will watch the video until the end which in turn will make your post go viral.

Enchanting Caption

This is as important as the quality of your content. Great content plus enchanting caption plus others will equal great results. Even newspapers and popular online media use captions to draw attention. Now, here’s the thing about YouTube Short captions, they are rarely seen, it’s most important to have them for SEO purposes. A one line sentence plus two to three hashtags will do.

The only time people get to really read your captions is when your shorts are suggested on the home tab. So, write captions that cause them to click and also optimize for the YouTube algorithm.

Note that you shouldn't use false information just to keep them watching until it finishes. Uniquely use an appropriate caption that thus best represents your content.

Use Trending Hashtags

Given that even the biggest Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas uses hashtags, why should you not do the same? Hashtags are important tools for making any trend online.

Using trending hashtags works in the sense that when people search for content related to the meaning of those hashtags, YouTube's algorithm places your video as one of the search results. Search for trending hashtags on YouTube that are at least a little related to the shorts you want to create and place them in the shorts.

In Conclusion

Making viral shorts is not that difficult like making a YouTube video go viral. Once you have the right niche, great content, and viral tags, you are good to go. YouTube shorts are also a brilliant way to get subscribers to your channel as a Youtuber. Just know that the quality of your work can keep them coming and even make your channel a go-to for shorts for many people.